Dirk Blast as alternative for Hammer Blast? Or just, no?

2021.10.23 07:16 SaintNicholasCosta Dirk Blast as alternative for Hammer Blast? Or just, no?

I have a random query.
The other day I played 'Infecting The Crypts' by Suffocation to my school music class which I assume scared the living shit out of them but it was fun. The only part of that song I can't play is the consistent hammer blast Mike does. I'm a skinny seventeen-year-old and am still working on it. I considered scrapping playing the song initially, but I had an idea. Instead of playing the hammer blast, I thought I could play what is commonly referred to as the 'Dirk Blast' popularised by Dirk Verbeuren. Listen to Dirk do it HERE. It's based on the flam accent rudiment. However, it's generally played straight in 8th notes. Sometimes it's played in triplets like the rudiment itself but I mostly hear it straight. The idea is the accents are played on the hats or pretty much any cymbal and I guess you aim to play the flams less as flams and more in unison. So when playing it straight the accents have a cool 16th note syncopation that sounds pretty sick. A great example of it is in Devin Townsend's 'Hear Me'. Check out 66Samus (who was also the drummer on the record) doing a playthrough HERE (I've skipped to the blast itself for you). Anyway, I plan on playing it as an alternative to the hammer blast again in another song. My question is, would you consider this to be in poor taste and lazy? Should I just shut up and focus on my hammer blasts. Or is it just another cool way of playing it?
Any response would be appreciated.
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2021.10.23 07:16 kaelynk2 The huge charity live stream

Hey guys!! I saw Jack post a video talking about a big Christmas charity live stream and that everyone can join. I went to the link and as I was setting it up, I got stuck at campaign URL. Is that supposed to be my twitch? Cause I’m not sure and Wanna be 100% sure that’s what I put before I do anything. Thank you for your help!
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2021.10.23 07:16 throwaway10975321 Question about guilt

Throwaway cuz I dont want to discuss mental health on my main. The other day a thought randomly appeared. A phrase to be exact. It is used quite often in movies, "Apologise when you actually mean it" like how can u mean it tho. Ive always said sorry because i was told to multiple times or it benefits me. The emotion is guilt i think. Ive always thought guilt was the fear of getting caught. Should i be concerned if i dont feel it?
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2021.10.23 07:16 Femmefataleney Is.. is this an homage?

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2021.10.23 07:16 Nimweegs Cas Odenthal hoopt dat NEC de lijn van de uitwedstrijden bij Feyenoord en Fortuna weer op kan pakken.

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2021.10.23 07:16 WeebyRicky Puppeter god

Are there any gods that control/use puppets? I'd love a god that lets his puppets do the fighting for him. Maybe he could be unable to move from the fountain or something. He could also be able to use more than one puppet across the map having a more global impact on the game.
I feel like there would be endless possibilities to create a unique god
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2021.10.23 07:16 human337 I think i got something bugged. In english it's regular fugitive jeans but it's redesigned and i can't find it in the internet. Anyone knows what's going on?

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2021.10.23 07:16 ulrick657 Whos is the most hated 40k character by the community PART 2

Hello, hey, it's me again. Here I come, once again to bore you to death with the same question. I just read every comments from my 1st poll and took the characters that came out the most to give you the round 2!

Just to clarify some things as it was mentioned in the 1st poll: these are generally hated characters for their acts in-universe AND/OR how badly they are written and portrayed. It is not one or the other; to take examples from the 1st poll, Draigo is hated because he is badly written while Erebus is well written but his actions in-universe are undeniably the worst. To conclude, it doesn't matter why you hate them, as long as you hate them (yes, feel the hate fuel your strength, join the dark side baby).
View Poll
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2021.10.23 07:16 Prestigious_Mud_4920 Dani

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2021.10.23 07:16 ULuganda Why Oceanid's Hawks are harder than La Signora, Azhdaha and Childe combined?

I don't get it. My main DPS is Barbara and I can solo any boss in the game, even Childe during coop (because all of my teammates died). But for the love of God, those water Hawks are harder than Azhdaha, Childe and La Signora combine. They don't have weakspot thus my Amber wont do any damage (my Amber revolves around weakspot), don't have startup frame and attack at random, and deal waaaaayyy toooooo maaaannnnyyy DAMAGE!
I'm AR41, I want to level up my Barbara to 80, but I can't defeat them! I have Rosaria level 70 with decent 50/100% CR:CD ratio and 1500ATK. With Chongyun, she can easily rips apart most of the enemies. But once those Hawks are summoned, I can't do anything. Literally. What should I do? If I don't level up my Barbara, I wont have DPS unit. I don't think leveling up Rosaria to 80 would be any different, and even then it would mess up my team comp. Building AA Amber would be such a waste. I'm stuck in loophole because those Birbs :((((((((
If anyone is kind enough to lend me a hand by any means with this fight, I'm very appreciating that. Thank you.
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2021.10.23 07:16 trytobuffitout Ottawa airport to resume international flights Oct. 31

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2021.10.23 07:16 che-palle I've created an AC app

Hi everyone, after creating ACDynamicBias (app to automatically modify the brake balance of the car) I created ACDynamicERS
With this app you will no longer waste time to change the ERS delivery but everything will be automated. You just need to take a spin first by changing the delivery. after which you can start pushing without having to distract yourself to change the ERS map.
What do you think? Any advice / criticism is welcome
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2021.10.23 07:16 SEEtheWORLD__ Step by step

I'm out tonight enjoying it with my friends and that's so out of my norm. My ex is always such a priority to me that I stay inside and be with him..all we do is argue and bicker about shit that is irrelevant.
So glad I dragged myself out. I love myself when he isn't around! That should be my sign to peace the fuck out, should it not???
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2021.10.23 07:16 InternalHand4485 Free NFT-Airdrop!! Just click on this URL and drop your wallet address on that page to get the rewards:)

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2021.10.23 07:16 Kosmos2001 The best films shot on smartphones! (in our opion)

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2021.10.23 07:16 IvanOrlis Lock rekey Banham, ERA, Browning, Simplex, AIPHONE, CORNI, JFC, ASSA, CorKey and Vending

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2021.10.23 07:16 Alternative-Employ27 ''But what if the world shouldnt be chaged after all?''

This is a question I have started asking myself more and more, the closer we get to success... I am not going to go into details, but I work on a SexTech startup. The thing is if we achieve what we aim to, in the way we will try to... it will impact peoples lives in a fundamental way. But I am starting to question whether or not we should even innovate... Now, I came up with ''a new model for teaching SexEd''. Initially, I was 100% convinced this should be done because the excitement echoed in practically all of the customer interactions we had. The business model side of things is solid and we will succeed monetarily, I am sure. But I feel like a mad scientist going through a crisis of morality. Does anyone has any wisdom to share about this weird place I am in?
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2021.10.23 07:16 ShrekPrism Metro-Man would be Raditude in this meme.

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2021.10.23 07:16 x4ntico evil verstappen be like

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2021.10.23 07:16 ergonomic_logic Close friend changing

I’ve a friend who I’ve known for years now, we met through work and while we don’t share similar interests and she’s older than me, she’s always had an amazing heart , been kind and been a phenomenal community organizer. I view her like an older sister and we’ve both been able to give one another different kinds of advice.
She’s socially intelligent, knows everything about everyone and I’m book-smart and creative.
She lost her job and also got divorced in early 2020 and my first worry for her is she didn’t stop spending like she was still making six figures. Still travelled the same as she did before. Was planning trips and not looking for work.
So fast forward to now and she’s been juggling different credit avenues, that’s her prerogative I can’t fault people for trying to survive. She lives with ex husband and a housemate. I have noticed she’s become more bitter. I know she’s frustrated looking for work. I know that’s not who she is. I’ve tried to help her find something but she’s very particular about what she wants (totally ok to be this).
I should mention my friend is foreign as in she’s not from the US originally and her ex husband is also from another country. Politically we’ve always very much been very aligned while initially she was more ignorant to more progressive views she was receptive.
Her newish housemate is problematic though. She’s big on conspiracy theories and so she sends my friend stuff and my friend sends it to me as if it is real. She sent me a video showing me that the place where she got the shot is now magnetic by putting a quarter (which would not be drawn to magnet) on her arm 👀 I keep having to dispel these, I mean this kind of stuff is literally why I’m not on FB.
So I have felt her changing. Definitely influenced by this conspiracy theory person during a time where she has a lot of fears and anxiety from uncertainty. She has also started saying really weird shit… like she was upset so many foreigners were moving into her country of origin (yes, I know irony). Stuff that isn’t like her.
I know she has a good heart. I have viewed her as one of the best kinds of people. People have the right to change. I worry that we don’t have enough in common to keep us connected if she keeps on saying stuff that fundamentally doesn’t align with my beliefs but I actually love her to bits, she’s very sensitive especially right now so I think it would put her on defensive if I tried to approach her.
Not sure if I actively do anything at all or let it play out on its own.
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2021.10.23 07:16 MysterySox Beaches in Grape Bay, Bahariterra seeing record wave heights!

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2021.10.23 07:16 inicodhdgrf 🤝Trustworthiness and 💾 Nostalgia is what 🐶Windoge95 is about! Next 100x Gem💎 with Green Candles! A combination of Rebase ☝️ and Reflection Token ♻️($DOGE) on BSC 🔥. Incentive for Holders 💰 and Play to Earn Arcade mini Games!🤑DX Presale - 25.10 16:00 UTC 🚀 Such Doge, Much WoW, So Windows95 🐶

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"Let the Arcade Games, Begin"
📝Social Links :
🌍 Windoge95
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2021.10.23 07:16 CatPavicik New reader, when can I expect the next Princess Static Noise chapter? Do you have any other manga about the making of a music band?

I just binged this manga last night and I’m hooked. The last update seems to have been in july, should I be worried? Are the chapters published bimonthly? Or are they lacking translators?
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2021.10.23 07:16 extinctArctic [Other] Will it be pay to win or it's just cosmetics?

I missed out on BF 3 and 4 back in the day and I was hoping to get into this one. I only finished the campaigns of those two games many years ago when they were released and that's all I know about them; somehow I didn't give attention to the multiplayer in the past years. If BF 4 is still populated, I'd like to get the premium edition in the meantime when it'll be on sale. I don't plan on getting this on day one anyway.
Cosmetics never interested me so I can play just fine without ever putting a cent into these games. So many people buy the cosmetics that default skins can become rare.
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2021.10.23 07:16 gene_the_supreme Fix your matchmaking ffs

I got the game a couple days ago and when playing with my friends it's all fair game but online is just toxic and I'm already thi king about leaving the game already. I wanted to practice killer and got matched against people way out of my rank in my first five games. I hit 2 kills in those. Its just frustrating and not fun. Fix this horrible matchmaking or loose about 70% of new people trying the game.
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