Holden/Chevy Cruze Refueling issue.

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2021.12.09 11:26 Paul_Is_Dead66 Holden/Chevy Cruze Refueling issue.

So I’ve been having an issue with my 2014 Cruze since the start of the year. after refuelling it doesn’t start unless you put the foot down straight away and rev it up a little bit. After that it usually jerks around until you get out onto the road and it runs fine
But this time i drove forward about 20 yards and completely lost power and the wheel locked up.
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2021.12.09 11:26 perovicmina27 What is something about yourself you never knew you do, until someone else told you?

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2021.12.09 11:26 nachocheeseballs53 Why I get so anxious when seeing people I know but are not that good friend with?

Like usually I like seeing people and enjoy talking with people, but seeing people for example on a market or fast food restaurant makes me soo anxious. I just don't know If I should say hi to them or just pretend that I didn't recognize them. 😭
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2021.12.09 11:26 OnlyAngelsAgency KARMA KARMA I NEED KARMA

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2021.12.09 11:26 GammaTainted me😡irl

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2021.12.09 11:26 plakapum Preparado para ir de cañas.

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2021.12.09 11:26 Fejetlenfej River basin map of the Europe [OC]

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2021.12.09 11:26 JcgfFM Question about rarity of a magic item

So our table was wondering about the rarity of a magic shield that would provide a fighting style (interception in this case)
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2021.12.09 11:26 oceangirl__ I grew up in a highly misogynistic household AMA

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2021.12.09 11:26 xnedski [OTW] Photographer of the Week - Week 47

It is our great pleasure to announce that Almost_Blue_ is our Photographer of the Week. This accolade has been awarded based upon the number of votes during week 47, with this post having received the most when searching by top submission: https://www.reddit.com/analog/comments/r4a7pc/a_sign_said_private_property_contax_g2_45mm_fuji/

I have been taking photos, recreationally, since around 2009. I was 21 and finally had some extra money and time on my hands. It’s never been my primary focus or hobby, just something to compliment other aspects of my life.
I think about this question often; especially after I get a roll of film back and there is just nothing that turned out as I had hoped it would. The answer I keep coming back to is that I want to capture the people and moments in my life for me to reminisce on later. Portraits especially allow me to capture exactly who someone is in that moment, because they’ll never be that same person again. I often look through my photos and just smile seeing how much people have grown and changed over the years since I made the photo.
I was driving south on California HW 1 and the light was just wonderful and warm. It takes a lot of willpower to not stop for photographs every five seconds on that drive.
I use a lab in Sacramento called Photo Source. I’m interested in self development/scanning, but I just don’t have the extra time.
In 2009 I bought a camera on ebay, thinking it was a digital camera, it turned out to be a film Canon EOS rebel. I was hooked on film from that moment. About six months later I bought an Olympus OM-1 so that I could slow down a bit and get a better understanding of manual photography.
If I had to pick just one, it’s the G2 w/45mm. I have three film cameras I love equally: Olympus OM-2n, Yashica T4 and the Contax G2, I think each one has a different purpose. I’ve gone through a lot of cameras over the last 12 year, but this is probably my final form in analog photography. Favorite film is Ilford XP2.
Take your time, slow down, and wait for the light to be right.
No, sorry. I really only share my photography with my wife, friends and some other communities on reddit.
My favorite film photographers are Saul Leiter and Ansel Adams. I really enjoy the YouTube channel Pushing Film.
Carrying a camera everywhere and taking photos just makes me happy. Take photos that make you happy. If you’re trying to take photos to impress strangers on the internet, your happiness will be short lived or nonexistent.
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2021.12.09 11:26 zcapozzi Durham Co. COVID-19 Case Count Update for Dec 8 (+30%)

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2021.12.09 11:26 NoFunnyName31 Don't mind the E

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2021.12.09 11:26 staarbooi Suny buffalo application fee error

Hi all.
I am from India. I am trying to pay application fees but it's not working. Does anyone know what to do or whom to contact for fast resolution. My deadline is very near.
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2021.12.09 11:26 patodpoorkid the smashing pumpkins - bullet with butterfly wings (backing drum track)...

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2021.12.09 11:26 Finsku Electric Coleman Minibike Conversion on the Trail

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2021.12.09 11:26 jmov27 H: B2525 Fixer, Q50c90 handmade, BSS+1S Bear Arm W: Quad fixer offers

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2021.12.09 11:26 kapitanmorel LF: HA Bagon FT: Female Jolly HA Gible in a Moon Ball

Hope anyone can help me with this. Would prioritize your offer if the Bagon is a female too. :D
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2021.12.09 11:26 phuzzy1deep Why do Apes think it’s a good idea?

If this goes long through 2022?? Does anyone remember the stock dilution AA said was inevitable next year? That will surely postpone MOASS.
If you’re THAT long on AMC, God speed. But please stop saying it’s a good thing in the face of the stock Dilution.
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2021.12.09 11:26 HershelLewdton i'm doing this shit again even though i know the answer is "yes"

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2021.12.09 11:26 felipef1g Need help with Wallet and Staking (new to crypto)!

Hi! I am kinda new to crypto and I'm also not sure about how to proceed with this:
I have all my crypto funds (not much) with the Exchange I use, none in a Wallet.
But most of what I have is staking in this exchange and I like the staking part of it. My question is: if I transfer my crypto to a wallet (e.g. Trust Wallet) can I still stake those coins?
And if I could still stake those coins, while staking, are the coins transferred to somewhere else or they remain on my wallet?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.09 11:26 trichoglossusbee [PATCH] Today's fix is out, here is what is in it

• Players will now be respawned at the last checkpoint if they become wedged in a pipe
• SFX of some S6 emotes that were missing during rounds are back
• Change to Air Time to prevent exploit
• Music no longer stopping during some rounds
• Performance improvements to PS4 qualification screen
• Fixes for player names not displaying correctly in some languages
• Full Tilt back in rotation with changes to prevent exploit
• 3 word Fall Guy names on PlayStation fixed
• Forbidden temp image from round selection screen removed
• Hoops SFX volume corrected
We're currently investigating Party Promenade not eliminating players in Xtreme Squads, and big Roll Off finals in Xtreme Squads :)!
The "Cursor Stuck on Screen" bug has a fix pending at the moment but that should be sorted really soon! In the meantime here is a workaround: https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411693127570-My-mouse-cursor-gets-stuck-on-the-screen-when-I-m-using-a-controller-on-PC
For all outstanding issues or anything you wish to report outside of list list, please continue using our Support Page: https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
You are still free to post it here still but it is important to use our official Support Channels to ensure bugs can be tracked and quantified for things like repro rates, impact, and beyond. I will endeavour to help - especially if you see something urgent, still feel free to reach out here!
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2021.12.09 11:26 AintNoBuffet Source said Cook has passed tests on his shoulder and will play barring pregame setback. Incredibly quick turn from dislocated shoulder.

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2021.12.09 11:26 Ok_Climate_banana i got banned for a bit of swear words while roblox only ban 3 days for saying s*x, WTF is the logic in thay, maybe its just "MODERATION".

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2021.12.09 11:26 osoriense Ex-diretor de proteção ambiental do IBAMA, Luciano de Meneses Evaristo. Exonerado por Bolsonaro: "o garimpo é crime organizado"

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2021.12.09 11:26 americanista915 It’s beginning, our child hood generation are at their end, Giovani Dos Santos is considering retiring.

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