My MW is severely bugged

2021.12.09 10:19 Syphus-590_ My MW is severely bugged

So yesterday after I came home from school, I went to boot up my MW. But as I was about to, I saw that the game icon was the icon when the game first came out, then I saw that the game is now 88.0 GB even though the game is like 133.6 GB, and finally I saw that the game name had been change to "iw8 ship". If you want proof of it, message me and I'll show you the picture I took of it and if anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me.
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2021.12.09 10:19 Express-Gold-6940 can someone cumtribute a friend ?

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2021.12.09 10:19 moksoths ALOW, Já ouviu falar do The News?

Receba as principais notícias do Brasil, do Mundo, da tecnologia e do mercado financeiro diariamente. direto na caixa de entrada do seu e-mail predileto. sempre às 06:06.
informações diretas, contadas de forma leve para que você comece seu dia bem e informado — e não influenciado.
sugestão: elas ficam melhores com uma boa xícara de café.
Segue o link:
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2021.12.09 10:19 baiboski [xbox] [h] 3k and striker bubbly (nitro) [w] striker cc1 heat

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2021.12.09 10:19 aroimak Kirjeenvaihtajan analyysi | Bidenin huippukokouksesta suuttunut Kiina kutsuu itseään Yhdysvaltoja paremmaksi demokratiaksi, ja sillä on väitteelleen myös perusteluja

Kirjeenvaihtajan analyysi | Bidenin huippukokouksesta suuttunut Kiina kutsuu itseään Yhdysvaltoja paremmaksi demokratiaksi, ja sillä on väitteelleen myös perusteluja submitted by aroimak to Suomi [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 10:19 Lina05 Both of them are on the way to becoming chonkers

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2021.12.09 10:19 clip_mirror_bot DustRyD learns his chair can’t handle his loss in Mario Kart

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2021.12.09 10:19 madMARTYNmarsh Is there some trick to cleaning Stynylrez primer off of an airbrush?

Yesterday I tried Stynylrez primer for the first time, I'm sold. What a great primer! It bonds to things really well, a little too well: while I was priming some of the primer spilled out of the cup and ran down the outer edge. To clean this off I tried my routine for Vallejo surface primer (hot water ran over the item, a soft rub and Vallejo peeled off easily) but it didn't shift any of the dried on primer. I ended up having to use a scourer to get the primer off of the cup and parts of the body. Now my nice polished cup is scratched and I'm worried it'll scratch off the black surface of the airbrush too.
Is there any product that makes cleaning this stuff off easier?
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2021.12.09 10:19 denmarkenjoyer 4 hours

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2021.12.09 10:19 bobwvng [H] HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, Outward, more [W] Timelie, TABS, 8Doors, Greak, Voidigo, Wishlist, offers https://barter.vg7166/
Generally ROW keys
All games are steam keys unless otherwise specified

My Wishlist:
GameTrade Rep:
IGS Rep:
Indiegala Rep:
SGS Flair:
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2021.12.09 10:19 my-user-account What A Flirt

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2021.12.09 10:19 vinodpandey7 Which crypto to buy 2022? 5 best cryptocurrencies to invest right now?

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2021.12.09 10:19 amogus-soccer Batman Who Laughs vs Knull

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2021.12.09 10:19 Consistent_Judge_840 $Gyro - The leading Olympus Dao (Ohm) fork on Bsc, Audited by Peckshield!

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2021.12.09 10:19 Ok-Hawk-3071 What's the dumbest thing you've ever done, but are afraid to admit?

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2021.12.09 10:19 Gordon_Glass What governance model does a DAO demand? | HPB

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2021.12.09 10:19 ydk_my_name I wonder what they’re gonna comment now

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2021.12.09 10:19 zack7601 Going SMP with an ADHD diagnosis?

I have been in the guard for about a year now and am in the process of contacting smp as a cadet. Will an ADHD diagnosis and prescribed medication disqualify me from joining rotc?
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2021.12.09 10:19 Devil-1305 Constipation vs diarrhea😂

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2021.12.09 10:19 neural-flows [R] Neural Flows: Efficient Alternative to Neural ODEs (NeurIPS 2021)

[R] Neural Flows: Efficient Alternative to Neural ODEs (NeurIPS 2021) Want to use neural ODEs but the solver takes too long? Try modeling the ODE solutions directly instead, using neural flows.
Our model takes the initial condition and the time(s) at which we want to obtain the solution. It outputs the solution that corresponds to solving some underlying ODE. This is done in a single call without numerical solvers. To enable this, the model has to satisfy two simple properties: 1) it has to return the initial condition at t=0, 2) it has to return unique solutions. This is easily implemented in code. The speed-up is measured in orders of magnitude and we get better results across time series and density estimation tasks.
Check out the paper & code for more info.
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2021.12.09 10:19 DeaNicko How is this possible?

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2021.12.09 10:19 Infamous_Apartment14 POA COIN If you still have the POA Coin, and you are still looking for a way how to sell it. Please read the description below carefully!

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2021.12.09 10:19 iaxeuanswerme Bahrain increases VAT from 5% to 10%

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2021.12.09 10:19 Legitimate_Cry_9152 Exam in 9 days

Please suggest how to go through nbme high yield images.
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2021.12.09 10:19 StarKeaton Ethersea Term Glossary + Character List Ep1-15

Heyyyyyyy folks THIRD character list for Ethersea
This is to help you remember what the HELL is happening cause i know i sure have a hard time remembering every little detail of this world. It includes all characters so far, and several Important Nouns as well.
So, quick note about this one. These episodes are coming out Fast and i have not had the time or energy to keep up with everything, but I finally filled out the Prologue glossary of terms just now and it helped me out A LOT with knowing what the hell was going on. Previously, I didn't really get where the fish people came from, couldn't remember most of the locations in Founder's Wake, didn't remember a lot of characters from the prologue who show up later... It's been a LOT of confusion that has cleared up just now.
Prologue 1 Brother Seldom (he/him): Gives educational sermons. Created the tone-wheel, which is used for broadcasts. Dedicated to the teachings of the old vestige, Benevolence.
Vestiges: Gods which crossed into the material plane eons ago.Benevolence: A vestige who broke the oath to not share magic with mortals and founded Hominine, which attacked everyone and killed other vestiges.
Hominine: Most land is part of this kingdom, from western coastline into the heartlands. Generally devoted to magic.
Einarr Plateau: Place where vestiges lived among us. The base of the plateau was used as a base for the underwater base where everone lives.
Delmer Wilds: To the north. Split off from Hominine, they're all about industry and mechanics and stuff. They have a big mountain city that they live inside, and (ep2) sealed themselves away inside.
Southern Archipelago: These guys split off too but just to vibe and have art and culture and stuff. (Ep 4) They fled the Southern Archipelago in a fleet of battleships, planning to live underwater nomatically, and were attacked by Hominine.
Blink Sharks: Like hammerheads, but with magic mutations so they have heightened senses and can fucking teleport. Yeah
Prestige: Magic salt imbued with ocean magic and stuff.

Prologue 2 Fineas Cawl (he/him): Oceanographer from the Southern Archipelago.
Mint ClcElroy (he/him): The oldest among us. Died from blink sharks while assisting Fineas Cawl.
Coda (it/its?): A vestige who, according to Einar legend, went around killing other vestiges and was tricked into falling off the Einar plateau. Codite is made of its bones.
Codite: Magic ore which is flexible when heated and also very magically susceptible.
Crystal Ascendance: An old-ass Einar embassy in Hominine, from an old collaboration. Attached to the Einarr Plateau. It's a big lift. It's no longer needed, and has a lot of old engineering that isn't fully understood. Used as the base for the underwater city.
Filler Fish: Newly discovered fish, about the size of a half-dollar, but they fuck and die so goddamn fast, it's insane.
Einarr Spirits: Einarr who were taken into wherever the Einarr plateau was, and hated it so much that they came back.
Vanguard: A group that splits off and leaves into the sea first, taking the bathysphere. Mainly made up of under-appreciated gatherers.

Prologue 3 Boyar Hermine (she/her): Delmer royalty, the daughter of a baron/baroness, interested in city planning but couldn't until she joined the project. In the prologue, she is formerly referred to as the "charismatic young girl".
The Curator: Collects artifacts of culture. Represented on the map as a nerd ass nerd with big glasses.
Ol' Joshy (he/him): Old guy in military fatigues who called a bunch of people together for Ol' Joshy's Training Ground for Psychic Soldiers Against Blink Sharks (OJTGPSABS).
Ordos Spiritus: Primarily Einarr group who feel that the Einarr spirits should be revered and honored instead of chained up. No one asks how the ghosts feel about this.

Prologue 4 Arc-Fleet: The fleet of ships that people from the Southern Archipelago are using to flee from the attacking Hominine and to live underwater nomadically. They also helpfully attach an Arc to the crystal ascension which they can build off of.
The Sallow: You get sick and you look like shit.!! And if you recover from it, you grow fish barbels and some other fishlike features.
The Biggest Baby: The big boat, the last hope, the biggest boat. We love it.
The Parish: Faction of the main church of Hominine, offers help in exchange for their religion being present. Also, it seems to be Travis's favorite little pet group, much like the Coalition is Clint's.
The Seaweed: Dried seaweed flake, bitter, provides key nutrients, creates a byproduct liquid which is a dangerous narcotic
Grotto: The dangerous narcotic i just mentioned.
Tesselation (???): The first brinarr.

Prologue 5 big plankton: They made big plankton. Dolphin sized. Funniest shit i ever seen. It creates oxygen
shiny starfish that didnt get a name: Attracted by the arc being brought down, they emit some light. Has horrifying face shapes on it! Wow.
Deep Thinkers: They finally named Clint's coalition of people who teamed up to make armor for the Einarr spirits.
Vapor Suits: Collar that makes artificial gills which make some bubbles.
&5: Fineas Cawl and 5 other people in a brinarr. They cycle their turn on the body.
Brinarr: Ghosts fused into coral that inhabits some armor.
Decklin Cern (he/him): Youngest, most charismatic member of the council. Representative from Hominine. His eldest son went missing. Withdraws support for the council, Hermine takes over.
The Hand of Guidance (she/her): A leader within the church, on the level of a cardinal.
Balusters: Representatives of many different types of specialization of workers, such as gatherers, cultural preservists, ecologists, the church, etc. Their seat of government is called the Ballast.
Old Mitchell (he/him): Extremely old and extremely sick storyteller with fantastic stories who was not let into the settlement.
Young Mitchell (he/him): A storykeeper, like his father before him. Collects tales from throughout the world,
Hominine is a big floating island now, and that probably has a name, but we don't know it yet. Also they had some weird beasts with four conjoined arhythmic wings, short vestigial appendiges. These were referred to as cloud whales. They slowed down the storm and then Hominine went into a big column of water and disappeared. In a real dick move, this also blasted the shore with a tidal wave.
-------- (this stuff was all in a big infodump so you probably forgot it the most. i know i did --v
The Cradle: A big shell around the ascension, originally used as a residential area. which is used as a base for maintenance and resource management. Named in honor of the original shipyard that held the Biggest Baby. Also they keep the big plankton there.
Chaperones: Protectors who have a sympathetic link with coda bits built into the Biggest Baby.
Iron-Whelks: Naval officers ineligible to serve the Biggest Baby. They also did some stuff.
Conservatory: Area at the bottom of the city with lots of greenery, art, and pretty stuff. Maintained by the Curator, upkept by the Parish.
Forecastle: BIGGER shell around the ascension, it's a bigger residential area.
Gunnell: Fisheries, farms, salt refineries.
Laboratory: Operated by &5.
The Gills: Wide dome filled with docks. Ships can go there. Looks kinda like a mushroom cap.
Blue-Span Brokerage: This is where they do QUESTS.!!!! They manage work and contractors
Founder's Wake: THE NAME of their CITY.
See, this is why i needed to make this list in the first place. This was all in like 5 minutes. I CANT ABSORB INFO THAT FAST.
-----------------------ACTUAL EPISODES----------------------- If characters from the prologue show up, I will re-write them a little intro as they appear

Episode 1 (6 characters, 2 nouns)
Ravi Montrel (he/him): Blue-span broker seeking contractors, whomst hires the gang.
Chaunsey (he/him): Hangs out in..... The Cloaca. "Big lovable goober". Can't take a punch. One of Amber's fellow knucklers.
Ol' Joshy (he/him): Big burly man in a sweatsuit. Purveyor of misinformation. Trainer of blinksharkfighters. He was already supposed to be really old in the prologue, so there's no telling how old he is now. Also he apparently ditched the military greaves. Operates out of Joshy's Knunckle in the.... don't make me say it.
Brother Seldom (he/him): "Educational DJ". Uses tone-wheel to make educational broadcasts. Works in the schoolhouse up in the ballast, which is NOT a religious facility. He inspired Devo's defection from the church.
Desdemona, aka Mona (she/her): "Small, young woman." Wears tone-wheels on her ears. Owns Mona's H\_\_l in The Gunnel. Sells boats and stuff.
Guthrie (he/him): Sketchy Brinar. Archaeologist, was part of a crew that mutinied. Now needs a crew to help him find stuff that falls from the surface. Wears a long white coat. Looks "kinda like a nerd". [Ep2]-!But actually, that was a lie. He borrowed the boat from his stepdad and didn't want him to know about it.!< [Ep3]-!But actually, THAT was a lie. He's a Bitch!<
Iron-Whelks: Para-military organization, seperate from the established Chaperones.
Lux: Money. Short for "Luxuries". Invented by Ol' Joshy. A boat is worth about 20, apparently. Established in episode 5, it looks like interlocking blocks which change color? Pretty cool.

Episode 2 (0 characters, 2 nouns)
Sprites: Artificial constructs made of hard light which are used for simple tasks aboard ships.
Yumnut: The spice. Uncommon and highly desirable.

Episode 3 (3 characters)
Emery (he/him): The captain of the corsairs. Barrel-chested dude with a beard, and an admirals coat with a bandolier. Has a katana. DIES.
Beck (she/her): First mate of the corsairs. Little girl with thick glasses who dual-wields daggers.
Skittles: Octopus chef of the corsairs. Dual-wields daggers.

Episode 4 (1 character)
?????: Big dude in hawaiian shirt jumpsuit with gold glasses. Owner of the 'Dreams of Deborah'. His name is probably Jerry, if we're being honest. Like, that's what I think Griffin would name him if he was pressed. Or maybe Gerald. Jerold. idk (EDIT: i think his name came up since i wrote this down, but i can't remember which episode and i wanna post this at the same time the new episode comes out.)

Episode 5 (3 characters)
The Curator (he/him): Wild-haired, bushy-bearded man. He collects relics of the surface world, and maintains the Conservatory at the bottom of Founder's Wake. Hired Guthrie in the past.
Dr. Shaque: Pufferfish man, i guess? Exists. Exists beautifully. Fuck dude. also i added a little flair to his name and i dont wanna see anyone complain about that
Felix (he/him): A looooooong catfish. Felix. I FUCKING CALLED IT! I KNEW IT WOUDL BE FELIX!!!! i'm a god damn genius. Anyway. He's a former shipyard owner from the Phantom Sea, and current owner of the Phantom Sea Coast Cove.
The Littlest Baby <-not its name it's:
The Coriolis: Big, un-stylish bathyscaphe. Broad, wide, powerful. Has bubble jets in order for better turning. Bridge is a raised disc atop the ship, with 360° view, which can be raised from and lowered into the ship. Fuschia body with a purple detachable and green flame design.

Episode 6 no characters really just some fish the way god intended

Episode 7 (2 characters)
The Hand of Guidance (she/her): Leader of the Benevolent Parish, and a baluster of the church. Wears mom jeans and a big sweater with a chunky necklace, has a big frizzy bun and glasses. Devo fucking HATES her. god damn. She is allegedly extremely powerful in her influence.
Benefactor Orleen (he/him): A scientist, "married to his work". [Ep9]-> Stuck inside a bigass magic clam and also i think hes the pirate leader?????? OHH thats why its called the infinite clam

Episode 8 (1 character)
Urchin (he/him): It is a little urchin rodent fella that eats their food shits in the walls <3 Never change Urchin

Episode 9 (2 characters)
Teddy (he/him): A dude mutated in a rather spooky way from the Ethersea water inside of the infinite clam. Appears as a person-shaped rendering of a starry sky, with an intermittently-visible skeleton. He was manipulated into shooting at our hero's! He has also killed people apparently, which people should never do!
Crumm (he/him): he.... uh.... he........ hm. he's the other spooky guy. Mutated similarly to Tedward. He... er... also shoots at people. Devo calms him down.

Episode 10 (1 character)
Oxana (she/her): Gatherer during the quiet year, one of Amber's old friends.

Episode 11 (1 character)
The Infinite Clam: It ate an infinite space anomaly and got it stuck under its foot. It was ripped away from its home by a tremendous wave- possibly the same tidal wave from when Hominine's big floating island vanished in Prologue V? This was when it ate the thing.

Episode 12 Wow look, nothing!

Episode 13 (1 character)
Gutpunch Crew: Squat brinarr with heavy weapons (she/her), Tall slender person with white pantsuit with dark glasses (she/her), stocky delmer engineer with tools and an arcane cannon (they/them). They take JOBS. theyre taking the JOBs

Episode 14 (2 characters)
Ballaster Kodheera: Leader of the "chaperones", Ballaster of Defense. I am doing my damned best with the spelling of this name. They put out a mission to investigate "the biomass swam".
Boyar Hermine (she/her): High Ballaster of Founder's Wake. Also i wrote a whole thing about her in the prologue. So just read that one. Not much is really said about her right now unless i missed something, but we all know that i never miss anything, ever.
Episode 15 (12 characters, sorta.)
Golden Wolves (3): Ostentatious outfits, they hang out at the bar douchily. One seems "wise", two aggressive. Theyre RICH... awoo...... they are very competitive
Blue Star (he/him): Blue suit. Sorta just a chill guy. He sells instead of buying. He's probably Guthrie.
White Pyramids. many. they're the guards. im not counting this as a character
Yellow Smiley Face (they/them?): not much so far
Silver Stags (2): nothing really yet
Red Cubes (5): not a lot

Total of 35 character! That's an average of 2.33333 per episode!

this project is ongoing surely i'll catch up at some point but i hope its already helpful for now
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