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Sometimes, I forget how cute this game can be

Sometimes you can’t have it all, but you can always have an intelligent conversation with an artificial intelligence object. Long before Siri came to Apple, Cleverbot was one of the best ways to chat with an application. You can spend hours talking to Cleverbot, and you’ll definitely be amazed by the answers. "Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see." — The Polar Express "You'll shoot your eye out, kid." — A Christmas Story "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." — Elf "That's what Christmas memories are made from. Sometimes, the pain is just going to hit you again, and you may feel like you need to cry. That's fine! Take some time to cry. But, don't forget to laugh, too. Watch some silly videos on the internet, check out some cute memes, or put in your favorite comedy. Laughter is good for the soul, and it can make you feel as good or better than a good cry. A little bit of wine can go a long way in terms of propping up one’s confidence. Some wine can also get you and your date quickly loosening up, all the while indulging in the peaceful activity of painting. If you haven’t thought of it yet, consider checking out a Paint and Sip Class—they are usually pop-ups at local restaurants and bars. But, sometimes, no matter the language, those words can not even begin to describe the rush of feelings you have inside. If you are tired of looking through romantic books in search of a cute quote or buying cards with the same old messages over and over again, then this is the right article for you. Our latest collection of cute quotes on Everyday Power. Enjoy! Reading inspirational quotes can boost your motivation and help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life. Cute quotes are a great way to improve your mood and brighten your day. If you’re looking for the best quotes to cheer up your day or to share […] Can play Timberborn on PC or Windows 7. Can customize the game & build it the way I want. Software product is quite easy to play, so there is no need to learn new systems. Game will cost $24.99. Conclusion. Timberborn is not best city builder game out there, but it is great for those who are tired of playing the same product over & over again. Cute Mother and Baby Minitheme This template is dedicated to the loving relationship mothers have with their babies, that’s why it’s so heartwarming, calming and beautiful. With this template you can speak about your baby in a creative way: what are their favorite clothes? And what’s their favorite game? Forget your cute winged angels, just seeing this thing will make you “believe”, the issue is that no-one remembers what it is you’ve got to believe in. Power Sword and Wallshield Defend yourself with this faith infused wall of a shield and counter attack with a good old powered gladius. If You Can't Stop Thinking About Your Man, It's The Perfect Time To Tell Him How You Feel By Sending Him Cute Boyfriend Quotes! We Found The Best Ways To Say 'I Love You' And Let Him Know He's On ...

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2022.01.19 10:38 GroGungan Who would you want to see as a guest star?

The casting of Eric Andre, Eric Roberts, and Jason Schwartzman has me thinking what guest stars I’d like to see in future seasons. I think Bryan Cranston could make a triumphant return to comedy and really play a character that fits the vibe of the show, perhaps a rival to Eli? Who would you like to see make an appearance on the show?
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2022.01.19 10:38 Metronom3 Question: (Apologies ahead of time), desperately looking for answers...

Currently on the PC version, SnS Main, my attacks have prevented me from executing perfect rush. To explain best, I step back, push (Y) - using an xbox controller, and it always defaults to charging slash. I've rolled back drivers, tried different controllers - nothing seems to be working. Any help or ideas, would be *greatly* appreciated.
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2022.01.19 10:38 Beezertheturnip What is going on with Holocaust Controversies?

Despite the name, they're NOT a holocaust denial site, and in fact one of the best compilation of resources for demonstrating the holocaust to certain troglodytes on the Internet. http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.com/
But they haven't had an update since August of last year, and that's way out of line for their usual update schedule. And at least my attempts to contact them by e-mail have gone unanswered. Does anyone know what happened over there to make them suddenly cease production without even so much as an announcement?
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2022.01.19 10:38 kofiscrib 5 Study Tips for University and College Students

[Link to the original article.]
From kindergarten all the way to your last assignment in university, you bump into new and distinct learning obstacles.
In the beginning, it was grasping entirely new concepts, such as reading, building passive and active memory, building habits. Then you moved over to the challenges of multi-tasking, having to retain focus, having to learn things even if you have no inherent interest or benefit from them. And then by the time you reach university, you most probably also need to juggle with a social life, a work-life, dealing with society’s expectations, and so on.
Point is, you keep on learning new things, but the ways you learn them are probably not very different than they were years and years ago. And even if they were relevant back then, there is little chance that they are the perfect study techniques that should be carrying you all your life.
Generally, the older we get, the less nimble we are at adapting new study strategies, even if there is quite some evidence showing that they are actually better.
When I went into university in 2019 for my Biomedical Engineering degree, I had quite a bit of old study habits that made me spend so much unnecessary time and effort in the wrong places. And since nobody really teaches you how to, well, learn effectively, it is very easy to keep grinding unnecessarily till you graduate. Thankfully, I ran into some really helpful articles and YouTube channels, mainly Ali Abdaal’s and Thomas Frank’s, that gave me a good idea of how to study much more effectively.
In this article, I will tell you about the 5 study tips that help me most during my degree in university.
1. Active recall
Active recall [ˈæktɪv rɪˈkɔːl] when you actively stimulate your memory for a piece of information. [1]
In order to better understand what active recall is, it is easier to understand what it isn’t.
Making notes and studying off them is a passive way of absorbing content. The questions and the answers are both there in front of you, and you instantly see the connection between all the concepts. It doesn’t really take any active effort on your part to get to the answer, and you are left with the feeling of a job well-done since you understand the information as of right now.
However, once I take your notes away from you, your understanding of the topic is likely to suffer. Now that there is some distance between the question and the answer to it, your brain actually needs to put in the work.
And that’s awesome.
Because this is where the real learning magic happens. Once your brain needs to put in some active effort to retrieve a given piece of information, it helps build a neural pathway in your cortex. Think of it as the same way your brain builds habits, reflexes, etc. The more your brain needs to go through a specific motion, the easier it gets, and the information starts to feel instinctual as if it has always been there.
So to put it into practical terms, you can practice active recall by turning your notes into a set of questions on the content. Yes, you can also provide the answers to them somewhere, but they shouldn’t be instantly visible. You have to work through the question first, put some effort into remembering, and then if you actually don’t know it, you’re allowed to look at the answer and learn the new material. Evidence shows that this method of learning, combined with using flashcards, can boost the speed of integrating new material and can enhance memories.
2. Time-Blocking
Now, this technique is much more common among the productivity spaces, but it has its place in studying as well.
Time blocking is the process of taking the 24 hours of a given day and dividing them into blocks of closely-related activities. It is very close to the general practice of scheduling events into your day, just taken a step further.
Some small tasks during the day can seem harder to accomplish if they are scattered randomly throughout it. This is because of the multi-tasking effect. Generally, it takes some amount of willpower to start a given task, and if you constantly have to switch between tasks of a different level of mental effort and focus, you will end up drained much faster.
Time-blocking helps in this by letting you couple a few tasks and their subtasks into coherent blocks. For example, you could have a Blog Writing block, like what I use right now, in which I do a couple of related tasks - writing all the paragraphs, writing some meta-information about the blog, designing the page, sharing it on social media, etc.
3. Plan for buffer
If you can be sure about one thing about productivity, it is that a task has a much bigger chance of taking longer than expected, rather than shorter.
When you start using the previous concept, time-blocking, you may easily fall into the trap of overlooking all your time. When you put a 2-hour gym block right next to a 2-hour study block, you depend heavily on you being able to finish those tasks perfectly on time and being able to transition perfectly smoothly to the next one.
Which, especially if the two tasks require you to change setting, place, clothes, environment, can become impossible to start the next task perfectly on time.
This is where buffer time comes in handy.
Buffer time could be just a few minutes, or even an hour more of time added to a task. The main principle is to estimate how long a given task would take and add some time to extend the time block, imagining an almost worst-case scenario of things not going your way. That could be - your bus not being on time, your computer being laggy, creativity not striking you the moment you sit down to write, etc. By adding buffer time to your schedule, you won’t be rushing through tasks as much, and you would limit the possibility of stuff going so wrong that your whole schedule goes off-track. This margin of error is crucial to a healthy schedule.
4. Get outside of your room
What could seem rather obvious for the more extroverted people can come as non-instinctual to the more introverted of us.
When you sit down in your room, it is very rarely a dedicated study space. It is usually also the place where you sleep, relax, sometimes eat, generally - the place where you don’t work. And as far as psychology goes, classical conditioning works very efficiently on humans, and the more we associate a given setting with a given task, the more likely we are to perform said task in said setting. This means that over time, it should be getting less and less natural for you to work I your own room since you do all sorts of activities in there.
This is where the library, coffee shops, other people’s places, common rooms, become so useful in one’s studying. Since there is a constant feeling of novelty attached to those places you don’t visit as often, it almost feels fun to study there, and definitely feels more productive.
On top of that, you have the added bonus of not having all your distractions (fridge, bed, TV) right in front of you as you’re trying to study.
5. Coffee is not water
Now, this line may seem absurd, but if you’re a coffee-enjoyer like myself, you’ll know how easy it is to go overboard with 1, 2, even 5 cups of coffee per day, mostly in an attempt to constantly boost your productivity. However, coffee is not water, and its effect on the organism as a stimulant shouldn’t be underestimated.
The caffeine in coffee truly does affect your mental and physical performance, and it’s the reason why athletes and students alike tend to take it in big quantities.
However, you quickly get desensitised to the effects of caffeine, and as with any other stimulant, you start needing it more and more to keep feeling the same effect. The withdrawal symptoms also aren’t pleasant.
This is why coffee should be used minimally, enough to keep you at your optimal study levels without burning you out. Also, generally caffeine remains in your bloodstream for far longer than you’d expect, and if you tend to have coffee later than 2 pm, it may explain the difficulties you may have falling asleep.
Hope you found those tips helpful, here are some articles to check out.

Peace ✌!
[1] What is active recall? How to use it to ace your exams. (2020, October 29). Brainscape Academy. https://www.brainscape.com/academy/active-recall-definition-studying/
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2022.01.19 10:38 h1637727 Fiorentina 6-0 Genoa - Lucas Torreira 77'

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2022.01.19 10:38 Miguelixto_ Similarities between the show and what just happened with Microsoft and Blizzard.

Microsoft just purchased Blizzard/Activision, a company that is having troubles with unions/sexual abuses by employees of high rank/"frat boy" culture among the workplace.
Now, anyone can see the similarities here. I can even imagine situations that happened in the show that could have happened in real life:
- I can see Bobby Kotick being aproched by the director of some sector of the company, he tells Bobby that there's a problem there, and then he says that it's better than he doesn't know about any of that.
- When the scandal comes out, they try to think of who could be the better sacrifice... But they are dropping too much on the market, so they need to be bought. A year ago Bobby said he didn't want to sell, but now is doing so.
- Added to all of this, Bobby sent an e-mail telling workers that he will continue to be CEO. Yes, he will, but he will go out as the deal is legally closed (2023). This reminds me of what could happen if Logan would ever get fucked, which is he would try to make it look as if he didn't get fucked at all.
Also notable, between the union demands there was that Kotick stepped down as CEO. I wish all the luck to the workers, whatever lies ahead from Microsoft management.
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2022.01.19 10:38 Tasty-Treat [Amazon] Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Version (Mono) - $24.49 (lowest) [Pre-order]

Visit Best Vinyl Deals for this deal or direct link || Follow Best Vinyl Deals on Twitter
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2022.01.19 10:38 entrappedinelysian How should I respond to my friend’s negativity?

They really just complain a lot, are hypochondriac, pretty selfish and kinda self absorbed. They misread situations and kind of expect the worst in people? I don’t know how to describe much but for most of our friendship I had been responding with positivity, talking them down from thinking they are experiencing kidney failure, telling them that what that person said isn’t what you took it as, constantly trying to put them on a course for reality but now it’s wearing me down.
I just want to know, what should I say when they are complaining to me about stuff. Especially when I’m on the side of whatever they are complaining about. I want to respond impartially, i don’t want them to know my thoughts or opinions unless specifically asked for.
Does my question make sense?
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