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Sit back and relax - its Painted Wolf Wednesday 📸 Nicholas Dyer

2022.01.19 10:23 EgweneMalazanEmpire Sit back and relax - its Painted Wolf Wednesday 📸 Nicholas Dyer

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2022.01.19 10:23 Cute_Rip_1447 QC on these Strangelove Dunks

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2022.01.19 10:23 NotElonMuzk Was anyone prescribed Ciprofloaxin for prostatitis, if yes, any good / effects?

Since my first Pfizer dose in October 2021, I started having these weird pinching sensations in the bladder. Randomly, 6-10 times a day. I do sit quite a lot, 6-7 hours a day, sometimes on a bad sofa and in a bad posture, not too active, except rare workouts in home and eat a good mediterranean diet . 64 kgs and 175cm height, 31 years age, have a little belly too, 33 inch or 32 when not bloated.
So from October to December, I was having these daily frequent bladder pain mostly on the left side, but sometimes even middle or right. This happened even while standing, sitting or peeing, or even changing positions during sleep. Then around beginning of January this year, I had mild pain in my left groin while erection and ejaculation.
I went to the doctor, and she did some urine and blood tests. Urine tests came out negative, all good. Blood tests came out clean, all good, except high level of lymphocytes, indicating infection. Doctor also did a PSA check to see if there was any cancer issues involved, but none of that, as shown in my screenshot.
Doctor has prescribed me an antibiotic called Ciprofloaxin 500mg for 14 days, 2 tablets a day. Firstly, I have no idea if this antibiotic is going to work, because we (doctor and myself) aren't really sure this prostatitis is actually bacterial. It might be a pinched nerve, but there is indeed been a recent pain in left groin, all randomly occuring, kind of a stiffness, burning urination and even bladder pain, on the left side as well.
It's all weird, but I thought I will let the community know and gather some feedback.
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2022.01.19 10:23 Phattjones Fall From Grace - NRG

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2022.01.19 10:23 trekkeralmi Solarized ThinkPad Wallpaper (full res & svg assets in comments)

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2022.01.19 10:23 0NE_HAND If Discord was a difficulty

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2022.01.19 10:23 amillstone Confused about Addison in 5x09 and 5x10

Hey everyone,
I'm watching season 5 for the first time and was hoping someone could clarify what happened between 5x09 and 5x10.
In 5x09, Addison decides to try IVF one last time and at the end of the episode, during Thanksgiving, we see her look at a pregnancy test but the viewer is not shown the result. In 5x10, suddenly she's moving her clothes from Sam's house to her own so that a social worker thinks she still lives there. And then Addison is going on about adoption.
Okay, fine, that seems like a natural next step if the IVF didn't work but why have they just skipped over the bit where she decides to go for adoption? I feel like I've missed something big here, but I checked and there's no crossovers with Grey's around this time so it can't be that. Will they tell us later? I haven't actually finished watching 5x10 because this random skip felt really jarring.
Any clarifications are welcome.
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2022.01.19 10:23 AntiqueReality7027 Start mining crypto today - The best offer for Crypto mining equipment

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2022.01.19 10:23 No_Personality6698 Bitcoin on other blockchains

I'd like to bridge my BTC to other blockhains (except Ethereum due to high gas fees). What blockchains/dapps would you guys recommend looking into?
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2022.01.19 10:23 Real-Regret- Selling my house just under a year after purchasing to rent an apartment again

This time last year, I had the vision of owning a home and settling down in the suburbs of philly with the job I really liked.
Fast forward to one year later, I now own a rowhome but I’m still at the same job. My sister passed away during the contract process of buying my house, now the guy I’ve been with wants to move in with me and move to an apartment in Philly.
What I really want out of life now is a remote job, and the ability to travel anywhere while still being able to work. I’ve always loved philly and I’ve always wanted to live there. I’m going to be loosing money doing this so early though.
I wanted to see if anyone else on here has sold their house after a year of ownership or had major buyers remorse like I am. I hate the responsibility of owning a whole house (I’m 24), and I’m also there by myself with neighbors attached on one side that also make it more miserable. I want the fast life of the city and the ability to walk around everywhere and make my apartment issues someone else’s problems because I’m not handy at all.
I’m really overwhelmed and sad because I made this huge investment just to say I hate this lifestyle and I want to rent again.
There seems to be no one out there who’s had this same realization as I have and I’m hoping to get some inspiring comments here. I’m doing this for the lifestyle I want and to get out of PA for good.
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2022.01.19 10:23 beer118 Why I dont install Arch

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2022.01.19 10:23 Silviposts soon Tom Cruise

From the looks of it, my #podcast ep. will be for adults only 🔞 not for kids🚫🎙 #soon #tomcruise @tomcruise https://vipdossier.podbean.com/ 🔔 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/artinheart/id1538526125 https://silviadossantos.net/podcast
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2022.01.19 10:23 OutlandishnessFar295 Been together for 8 years

So me and my gf first met on an app called galaxy 8 years ago, at first none of us knew this could be the beginning of a beautiful story, so after few months we knew we were made for each other, and yes since then we've been together for 8 years, yes I know that's a long time, we had bad times too like once I saved my pocket money for the whole year( I literally skipped meals so I could save) so we can visit each other, but then my country had a economical collapse caused by US sanctions, so all the money I saved became nothing overnight, but we had mostly great times together n god helped us too with it n now our parents accepted us to get married even my dad bought me a house n everything is ready for us to move in except for one thing, covid, coz of covid Indonesia has shut down all the flies to their country, and it's impossible for me to go there, which is sad but my fingers r crossed and I'm hopeful we can we get married asap and start our mutual life together
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2022.01.19 10:23 J4LK Please Legit Check bought them from a Reseller

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2022.01.19 10:23 ___cse___ Excision - Decimate REMIX (Dubstep)

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2022.01.19 10:23 wuanlai65 ♨️Dragon Infinity ♨️ play to earn 3D Gaming ♨️ NFTs, Breeding, Oracle system, Staking, PVP, PVE ♨️ Launching Now on BSC!!!

Dragon Infinity is created by the idea of creating a P2E NFT Gaming in the world of a mysterious dragon saga of a time where dragons ruled the world.

The Token Of Dragon Infinity is the currency in this game. Besides, there will be nfts in form of dragons and dragon eggs which can be collected, bought and sold in a NFT marketplace.
Fight against dragons, collect Dragon and Dragon EGG NFTs when you win against them and be part of this legendary saga. Level up your dragons and join later on our open world game and fight against different dungeons (Phase 3)
The basic principle is a 3D PvP mode where players can fight against each other. The winner gets a reward in the form of tokens, automatically sent to the wallet, and the loser gets a deduction. In addition, there are several options to pair dragons and hatch eggs, whose spawn can be used to be even better in the game or to sell it as NFT to other players and investors.
☄️Dragon Infinity V2 Tokenomics:
- 3% Lp
- 3% Gaming fees
- 5% for marketing
- 3% Game development
- 1% Team
☑️ Play to Earn Gaming project (PVP, PVE) ☑️ Breeding / pairing of dragons to get dragon eggs and get new dragons ☑️Oracle balancing reward system ▫️NFT marketplace intergration ☑️ Staking ☑️CMC & CG & CEX listings ☑️High quality marketing with major influencer ☑️Contract developed and maintained by audit company ; Contract checker
Improtant links
⚡Contract Address: 0x019F0Cc6cBefdc4fcCfD0F4191492F0EBaCD6eeD
⚡ Pancakeswap
✨ Website: https://dragon-infinity.in/
✨ Telegram: https://t.me/dragoninfinityChat
✨ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragInfinityBSC
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2022.01.19 10:23 Adorable_Zombie_9908 How much is this worth?

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2022.01.19 10:23 1maco Why doesn’t Greater Philly have a single transit agency?

I know the answer is New Jersey. They don’t really cooperate with the MTA either. But it’s not like that should be an insurmountable obstacle. Both St Louis and DC have a single transit agency for their metro (more or less) while Philadelphia has 3, NJ Transit (NJ bus+River line+AC Line), SEPTA and PATCO. Obviously there are further flung suburban networks in all metros but ignoring those it’s kinds bonkers the Urban core has 3 different agencies.
Maybe even throw in Wilmington and create a tri-state comprehensive system like the DC Metro. That way planning new projects can take into account the whole metro.
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2022.01.19 10:23 Nero2047_ Parece chiste pero

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2022.01.19 10:23 BelleAriel Ruh roh

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2022.01.19 10:23 EvvYYvv Join the Horny Place Discord Server!

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2022.01.19 10:23 Brainerzz Lenovo Legion 5 17.3 Inch FHD 144 Hz Gaming Laptop (AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, 16 GB RAM, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 , Windows 10 Home) – Phanton Blue + Shadow Black 82JY0019UK

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2022.01.19 10:23 nnnnnnnnnndhdhievxjo fuck boris johnson hard up his asshole

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2022.01.19 10:23 Legitimate_Rip6787 [A3][MODERN][SEMI-SERIOUS][US/EU][NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY] Whisky Company 34th Infantry Division [Recruiting]

[A3][MODERN][SEMI-SERIOUS][US/EU][NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY] Whisky Company 34th Infantry Division [Recruiting] Welcome to the 34th Infantry Division! The 34th “Whiskey Company” is set in a semi-realism playing style with player freedom. There is no “Respect the rank” attitude in our community. If you work well with others across many backgrounds and can handle a rifle with some unique challenges in our ops, then you have come to the right place. Our OPs are focused on the team to squad-based tasks that affect our Company’s status; If we lose a squad or an asset like a vehicle, it is lost on the battlefield. OPs are set in many stages of the world in the early 2010s as we are now currently operating in middle eastern area's

Our Infantry playstyle allows us to operate with the following OP activities: Civilian relations/ Hearts and Minds:-Evacuations-Information seeking-Patrolling local roads and towns-RESTORING ORDER TO LAWLESSNESS Search and Secure:-Raiding enemy supply caches-Destroying/Confiscating enemy equipment-Breach and clear compounds advance and holdout:-digging into a small town awaiting support.-setting up Holdouts/ Company FOB.-assaulting small towns and forward enemy positions.

Our Infantry playstyle gives us a great variety of roles with our heavy reliance on the civilian situation. Roles are not permanent and you have the freedom to change your position at every/ any training.
Roles Include:- Rifleman- Combat Life Saver- Autoriflman- Squad Marksman- Civ Relations/ “Translator”- JTAC (“Radioman”)- Grenadier- AT- Rifleman- EngineeEOD
NOTE: That some roles may be subject to a capped amount of holders.

Schedule: Main OP/Event - Saturday: 1300 EST/ 1800 BST/ 1900 CET | 2- 3 HoursTrainings - Fridays(Not Every Week) : 1400 EST/ 1900 BST/ 2000 CET | 1 Hour or less The rest of the week is Fun Ops if the players want one.Requirements:- Legal Copy of Arma 3- Understand and speak English- Mature/Team player mindset- Working microphone- TeamSpeak 3

Join or Discord if you are interested and have questions https://discord.gg/ueMBUfp94t
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2022.01.19 10:23 Conblanco95 [WTS] Arc'teryx Gamma LT Hoody - Men's Small (Basalt)

Hope everyone's being safe, just wanted to re-home some gear I've acquired over the last few years (originally purchased in new condition). Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll reply as soon as possible. I'm also open for offers within reason.
*Shipping will be covered by me and free to the buyer, through USPS Priority Mail for domestic (48 states continental USA) shipping only. Available only to continental 48 USA states. If buyer would like another shipping service, the cost of shipping will be added to the PayPal invoice at buyer's expense*

Grading Chart

Item(s): Arc'teryx Gamma LT Hoody - Men's Small (Basalt) 1. Model: 17307 2. Manufactured Date: 05/2016 3. Asking: $150 4. Original MSRP: $249 + tax 5. Condition: B (more like B+/A-) 6. Images
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