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My First Thoughts on SvelteKit, Correct Me If I'm Wrong (This is my blog, I don't know if it's self promotion)

2022.01.19 11:31 zicxor My First Thoughts on SvelteKit, Correct Me If I'm Wrong (This is my blog, I don't know if it's self promotion)

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2022.01.19 11:31 InvincibleBird [TPU] AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT PCI-Express Scaling

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2022.01.19 11:31 TheMayMayMakers He got a competition, (Post by u/Anurag2199)

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2022.01.19 11:31 CrazyRedBalls Barbarusos - Joshua fit the battle of Jericho | Swing, Traditional Jazz | Vocal & Guitar duo, Barcelona

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2022.01.19 11:31 Bonus1Fact [Informative & Satire] Ashli Babbitt Tried To Stop Antifa False Flag On Jan 6th ¦ SaltyCracker on Odysee

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2022.01.19 11:31 Norontgrower Raads-r 168 undiagnosed at 30

Hi Reddit, I come seeking advice. I have struggled with jobs, and school my entire life not because I’m stupid but I find myself either not interested in what I’m doing or I end up in a bad social interaction leading to me not wanting to be in that environment any longer. I took a raads-r test this morning and I scored a 168, I’m wondering what my next step should be? I currently don’t have a family doctor and I have a family I need to provide for. Going on disability is not an option. I currently am licensed as an acmpr patient in Canada, because I find it helps with my anxiety and overthinking but with a diagnosis what are my options for employment? I normally work as a handyman but Will employer’s actually accommodate to me and allow me access my medication while working? I lost my business at the beginning of covid because I was operating on a shoestring budget during my first year and my fiancé at the time was pregnant and the government was locking everything down. I feel like I don’t have any options other than just sitting around, Because in most workplaces they consider medical cannabis to be a liability.
What are my options? Would it be beneficial to me to seek out a diagnosis? Any advice is welcome, sorry I’m not a great writer!
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2022.01.19 11:31 Cluck-Haven Permaculture Garden Food Forest with Compost and Leaf Litter to Make Your Property More Fertile

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2022.01.19 11:31 _LongStoryShorts_ SPACE GOD (Uzi Design)

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2022.01.19 11:31 Last-Ad318 Sub4sub, watch4watch

Leave a comment below and i will do the same
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2022.01.19 11:31 DagonR Running competition med certificate - question

Hi All,
I've moved some time ago from Poland to the Netherlands and I'm living and working in Limburg.
In the past I was participating in some long distance runs but due to Covid I significantly limited my activity. Now I'd like to return to more serious trainings and some planned race is always a good way to boost motivation for trainings. However, for such competitions there is usually a medical certificate required that there are no health obstacles to take part.
What is the process to get such certificate in the Netherlands? I haven't used healthcare services in NL yet as there was no need so far.
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2022.01.19 11:30 PolyyCZ I drew Moon Knight to celebrate the great trailer, so excited to see the show 🤍

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2022.01.19 11:30 MackStokes What is the most underrated band in the classic rock genre?

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2022.01.19 11:30 ZedtheConqu IWFTR

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2022.01.19 11:30 holy_stroller Hostile Music - Salem Wolves

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2022.01.19 11:30 DrumBeat32 Cuentos y leyendas

He visto cómo influye la plataforma en la que se pregunta sobre esto. En Facebook se llena de comentarios de gente asegurando por un Dios que vio, escuchó, se soñó o le contaron sobre un evento paranormal. Acá en reddit la mayoría de las veces es: mae nunca he visto, ni creo llegar a ver.
Pero bueno. ¿Alguna vez les jalaron las patas, vio algo, escucharon a la mona joder al vecino mujeriego, o ya rajadamente los asustaron en algún lugar?
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2022.01.19 11:30 Atesz763 Genshin does provide quality content

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2022.01.19 11:30 adi_0635 Meta Pikachu coin🔥 Join our community | Dev and Team Based 🔥 Metaverse focused | Huge gains on Metaverse launch🚀

Meta Pikachu Coin and Interoperable Metaverse
Metaverse launch Q2 2022🚀
Meta Pikachu is the native token of the Interoperable Metaverse that we are planning to create. It will be the token will be the means of exchange in the created Metaverse. Tokens received form sale of items in the Metaverse will be burned decreasing supply.
The developerwallet does not hold any tokens. The entire supply of 1 was put into liquidty when the token was launched.
Tax: 3.3% reflection 3.3% liquidity 3.3% development
Rewards for development team only in the form of 3.3% development tax. This will ensure that the development team will work to increasing the popularity of the token.
This is a stealth launch. We will soon launch the website, telegram channel and discord server. This will be accompanied by community based marketing, along with rewards based community marketing initiatives.
To purchase from pancake swap set slippage to 12%
Contract: 0x598445e8d61d96e7e4441581ed38f4422a3ccba5
BSC scan: https://bscscan.com/address/0x598445e8d61d96e7e4441581ed38f4422a3ccba5
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2022.01.19 11:30 whatdyousaytomeboy bro it just makes me so mad

i love my mom so much but goddam she's every single reason im as slow as I am. I told this mf to take every right when she gets to my school, to reach a classroom. I call her and she's gotten confused. she gets confused at the bottom of a staircase. i said go up the stairs. She then misses the next right. So I say go right. She turns 90 degrees. and then i say go right SHE TURNS ANOTHER 90 degrees. bro it's like every single "huh" and "say it again" I've ever said in my life was explained right then and there. Who knew that a quarter spin clockwise would explain everything so well. No you know what. Why the fk do people say they understand when they dont. Like I said "you're gonna turn right 4 times". "take every right until you see his classroom." I said it 3 or 4 times, more times than she asked for. She got annoyed too because she "already got it". and she sees a staircase and it's like... this is as far as my brain can go? there's a mf creating a spaceship to mars and then there's a mf who's brain dies at a staircase? Ik im being an asshole, but the dumbest motherfuckers in the world are those that think asking when you don't understand is a crime.
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2022.01.19 11:30 spacedstan undergrad seeking advice

hi everyone! i'm currently a sophomore and im doing my prereqs and looking at different dpt programs, but i feel like i'm struggling to navigate my way to becoming a pt. i dont know anyone else who wants to be a pt/is one and there aren't really any clubs or groups i can join to help me navigate this journey. i also havent gotten any volunteer hours yet (i intended to start this past break and my aunt spoke to a pt at her job, but because of omicron they weren't accepting volunteers at the time) and i feel kind of behind. can anyone offer any advice for getting volunteer hours or just in general about pt and the process of becoming one?
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2022.01.19 11:30 NewsElfForEnterprise What to watch today: Wall Street looks higher in premarket after the Nasdaq's slide

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2022.01.19 11:30 cruiseshipsghg Brazil's parents want their kids vaccinated against COVID-19. Bolsonaro has tried to stop it

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2022.01.19 11:30 pixiepain yesterday I got Pei, my first non binary squishmallow 😊💜 gender = affirmed 💯

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2022.01.19 11:30 307148 Chicago 1956 vs 2020s

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2022.01.19 11:30 PrashantThapliyal Should it take a lot of energy to remain in the Awakened state

It experience the blissful state once in a while and then it fades away for a few days. I try to reach it but it feels like I'm too tired to do that. Yoga, exercise and music help me recharge and I can experience it again. Is it supposed to happen this way?
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2022.01.19 11:30 hackzorixecktomy Wtt this stuff - offer in runes

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